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Whether you want to become a Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Multi-engine Pilot, Navy pilot or advance your career towards becoming an Airline Pilot, Trident provides  training for all, and much more !

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Training Courses offered at Trident Aircraft



Rotary Transition Program 
In partnership with GoJet, TSA & SkyWest Airlines, Trident is here to help you transition from an Army Helicopter Pilot to an Airlines Pilot in the shortest and most efficient way ! 

GoJet will fund up to $51​,000 in fixed-wing training time for rotor pilots who are short R-ATP mins.  

Rotor Pilot Hiring Requirements

Military Rotor Pilots

  • 750 total time, which must include 250 hours of fixed-wing PIC time

  • 200 hours cross country. 100 hours fixed wing PIC cross country.

  • 100 hours night or 75 hours night, which must include 25 night T/O & LND full stop. 25 hours PIC fixed wing night.

  • 75 hours instrument time

  • 25 hours multi engine

Civilian Rotor Pilots

  • 1,500 total time, which must include 250 hours of fixed-wing PIC time

  • 200 hours cross country. 100 hours fixed wing PIC cross country.

  • 100 hours night or 75 hours night, which must include 25 night T/O & LND full stop. 25 hours PIC fixed wing night.

  • 75 hours instrument time

  • 25 hours multi engine

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Piedmont Airlines

Cadet Program

 announces a Cadet Program partnership with Trident Aircraft.


SALISBURY, MARYLAND (June 26, 2018) – Piedmont Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group Inc., is announcing a Cadet Program partnership with Trident Aircraft in Easton, Maryland. The partnership provides prospective pilots at Trident Aircraft with a guaranteed career path to American Airlines.

Piedmont Airlines will offer tuition reimbursement and conditional employment to select certified flight instructors (CFIs). Once a CFI reaches the required Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, he or she will join Piedmont as a first officer and guaranteed a job at American Airlines.


“Pilots who fly for Piedmont upgrade very quickly and then transition to American Airlines,” said Lyle Hogg, president and CEO. “Our cadet program is a great opportunity for students who want to pursue a commercial flying career. It allows them to gain valuable flying experience before coming to fly for Piedmont and then on to the world’s largest airlines.”


The program provides a bonus for every 100 hours of flight time until CFIs reach the required ATP minimums. After a Certified Flight Instructor reaches ATP minimums, he or she will join Piedmont as a first officer.


“We are extremely excited to partner with the largest aviation company in Maryland,” said John Galdieri, III, president, Trident Aircraft. “The cadet program is a win-win solution that will allow Trident to attract, retain and reward quality instructor pilots and give them the opportunity to quickly advance their careers in today’s competitive pilot market. We truly are excited and feel this is a win for Trident, our staff, Piedmont and eventually American Airlines.”


GI Bill Approved

Trident Aircraft is an FAA 141 Approved School that offers Private Pilot, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot 141 Courses. The 141 courses will benefit VA Benefit / GI Bill and Career Student Pilots as well as private pilots that want an instrument rating without the 50 hours of PIC Cross Country time required by FAR 61.


If you qualify under the terms of your GI Bill, at our Easton, Md location you can use your benefits towards flight training at Trident. Students that have GI Bill or VA Benefits can train for Instrument Rating without the requirement of 50 hours PIC Cross Country time which is required under FAR 61.


Funding should not interfere with your dreams… Don’t be left behind !

Let us help you with 3rd party financing options.

Private Educational Loans are available for potential and current students. Please call us for more details about our financing options. More information can be accessed using the links below:

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AOPA finaning for pilots and flight tranings. Become a pilot. Trident Flight Training. Trident Flight School in Easton,MD and Milton,FL


ESN - Easton Maryland Airport

9220 Joe Marsh Lane

Easton, MD 21601

Phone: 410-604-1333

Email: info@tridentaircraft.com

2R4 - Milton Florida Airport

5800 Aviation Drive

Milton, FL 32583
Phone: 850-983-9363

Email: info@tridentaircraft.com

71J - Ozark-Blackwell Field

1110 Parker Dr

Ozark, AL 36360

Phone: 334-400-2684

Email: info@tridentaircraft.com

Locations' Information

ESN - Located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and within driving distance of Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis.

Beautifully scenic location, perfect for flight training with low density of aircraft, outside of the Special Flight Rule Area.

      2R4 - Located just northeast from Pensacola on Florida’s scenic Panhandle with beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast. Perfect for year round flight training !

       71J -  Located just northeast from Fort Rucker, US Army Aviation Center of Excellence. Convenient for RTP and other fixed wing flight training !


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